What's being said...

When Angela started working with Community Health Council with regards to our public relations, she got me, the executive director of the organization, to see public relations in a new way- new things were available to us that previously were not; we had new capacities that we did not have previously; And all of this even though I have a formal background in public relations. People gravitate towards Angie, and she is very well-connected because she is such a pleasure to interact with, and also, people trust her: she is the definition of integrity, and I think she would do great things for any organization in PR. She has a diverse background and studies your vision and your organization in-depth, and she has the mind that enables her to understand these things such that you can feel very comfortable, even excited, putting your trust in her planning and execution.

Adam Frange

Executive Director CHC, Community Health Council

I’ve known Angela for years. If you want real strategies that work and effective implementation- where you know you will get results- use Angela. Her ability to connect with your brand and help others do the same is unparalleled.

Charmaine Campbell

Luxury Real Estate Agent & Author

Angela is a true talent. She has multiple professional abilities and strengths in PR, marketing, advertising and writing. Angela has a very strong professional presentation and beyond that she is super pleasant poised, personable and positive! She is the perfect person to move a company’s goals and objectives to growth and success. Angela is determined and skilled at overcoming obstacles and her passion for always learning and improving her skills and craft is admirable. I have the pleasure of knowing her both on a professional and personal level and recommend her highly.

Cristina Boggiano Lewis

Owner, Ophthalmic Associates- Ophthalmic Search and Placement Firm

Angela greets people with warmth and attention. Knowing her for over 10 years, I can attest to her person-ability and social skills. Miami tends to be a city filled with ‘flaky’ people, yet Angela stands on her own merit, she is solid and focused. A well- rounded woman, Angela is worldly and cultured. I am confident of her as a business woman, those who have encountered Angela do hold very high regard.

Brigette Hein