Vegalab’s Newest Product Nematode Control Proves to Be a Natural Champion

Vegalab the formulator and manufacturer of environmentally responsible agricultural products rooted in sustainability, today announces that their new natural product, Nematode Control, has proven results to combat nematode problems among a variety of crops and turf.

“The agriculture and gardening markets will continue to see that Vegalab and Supreme Growers organic, all-natural products are incredibly effective,” said Jill Duggan, CEO of Vegalab.

Nematode Control is Vegalab’s next generation nematicide that’s built around their patented proprietary micronization technology. Initial compatibility testing on a wide range of crops including tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, and strawberries showed over 80% efficacy. Prior to making its market debut, the product was proven to significantly reduce the population of parasitic nematodes including but not limited to root knot, burrowing, lesion, pin, and spiral nematodes without applying harsh chemicals to the soil that might otherwise kill beneficial microorganisms.

Less than two months ago, Vegalab’s nematode product was given to several prestigious Florida country clubs with a serious nematode infestation in their turf grass. Prior to application, the grass was described as weak, thin, and containing patches of dead grass because harmful nematodes had attacked the roots. To combat the problem, the Nematode Control product was applied once every 15 days for 45 days. At the end of the 45 days, the results were clear; the turf grass was visibly greener, denser, and healthier. The before-and-after photos demonstrate a dramatic visual improvement.

Using the natural extract of Geraniums, geraniol, the Nematode Control reduced the amount of harmful nematodes that attacked the turf grass while greatly reducing the environmental impact compared to other synthetic products. Nematode Control minimizes root knot nematodes and the egg hatching of phytonematodes by disrupting their feeding and reproduction process. Nematode Control also enhances plant disease resistance, stimulates root growth, and promotes improved plant health.

“Nematode Control is truly a champion product because it has so many ecological and business benefits. We are helping our clients keep their customers; people go to golf courses because of the lush landscape and we are helping keep the turf beautiful without using harmful chemicals. We have achieved remarkable results the safe and natural way which is the essence of Vegalab,” said Jill Duggan, CEO of Vegalab LLC. “The agriculture and gardening markets will continue to see that Vegalab and Supreme Growers organic, all-natural products really work.”

Nematode Control can be immediately incorporated onto crop and turf problems around the country because the product has an all-natural formulation which does not require state registration. Globally, the product has demonstrated incredible results in Asia and in Costa Rica, where farmers combating nematode problems applied the solution on their rice and pineapple crops. Nematode Control’s success has opened doors to new markets including Wisconsin, California, North Carolina, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Vegalab plans to continue expansion throughout the US and Latin America, the Caribbean, and around the world.

About Vegalab LLC

Vegalab LLC is a global leader in formulating and manufacturing environmentally responsible agricultural products rooted in sustainability. Their unyielding commitment to produce eco-safe, all natural products that are based on years of biological research and patented technology has positioned the company and its Vegalab and SUPREME GROWERS® brands for rapid growth and advancement. The results are breakthrough products that increase productivity, decrease residue in crops, decrease waste and reduces the chemical footprint on the land. Vegalab is an agricultural destination for responsible solutions for farming, landscaping, gardening, and home horticulture. Corporate headquarters is Geneva, Switzerland managed by David Selakovic, President of Vegalab S.A. and North American headquarters is West Palm Beach, Florida managed by Jill Duggan, CEO of Vegalab LLC.

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