Introducing The Evolution of News is Here

Introducing The Evolution of News is Here
Meet Devin Dixon, a 26 year-old computer program developer, entrepreneur, and media “disruptor” that’s about to change the way news is perceived. Dixon has just launched, a free platform that takes traditional news and combines it with social media to transform the way news is digested online.

With infinite ways to get the news, each with its own take on an event, the result has been more noise and fewer facts. sorts through the noise to find answers while taking different points of view into consideration.

The name Unbiasly comes from the ability to come to a conclusion without a bias, and to rate stories according to their objectivity. In an effort to better manage the news so that it’s viewed impartially and fairly,, is a place where users can access information from both traditional journalistic sources and various social media sites.

“It seems rather obvious that social media has revolutionized the way that current events are reported and received by the general public, and this trend is likely to continue to grow and evolve,” said Dixon.  “The challenge for many readers will be discerning the truth and objectivity of the news as it is posted on various social media outlets.” is not also useful to the news reader, it also benefits media outlets. It makes their content relative over a longer period of time. News can now have relevance Monday- Sunday at any hour. Articles from months ago can still be relevant today.

​ is based on a PHP back-end and built upon two frameworks Dixon created called Helium and ProdigyView. The front-end uses a javascript framework called Knockback, which combines two popular javascript technologies: Backbone.js and Knockout.js.  It also uses DustJs, a popular templating engine used by LinkedIn. The primary database is Postgresql with MongoDB assisting at times.

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